Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Confederate of Dunzo's

A busy mail week after last's week glut of ordering, I counted eleven packages coming in, all from various stores and places. Some of the stuff that came in were baseball cards, most of which, I can't show off because I'm not scanning anything until my new scanner arrives, which Wal-Mart tells me will be sometime next week. That kinda sucks because I got my latest COMC order today and there is a bunch there that needs to be scanned.

But here are a few highlights of what I can show from my latest COMC order...

1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold - The final five cards I needed to complete the set, people are probably screaming that I should have bought these elsewhere. COMC was the cheapest after crunching numbers and figuring in Sportlots shipping. Now with these cards in the books, 1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold is dunzo!

2015 Topps Archetypes - These two were missing from my set McGwire and some shortstop who played for the Orioles, no idea what his name is. So, 2015 Topps Archetypes is dunzo!

1994 Upper Deck - Usually commons on COMC is a major no-no, but either these cards were scarce on Sportslots or the shipping was too much, so it just made sense to pay the extra ten cents to finish up the set. And now I can gladly say, one of my all-time favorite sets is dunzo!

Yasiel Puig, 2014 Topps Heritage short print - Much like other sets, short prints I won't really go after, unless it's a Cardinal or a player I like. Puig falls into the "like" category and for this being only $1.50 during COMC's Black Friday sale, I jumped. Jumped hard.

2014 Topps Heritage short prints - A few more short prints from 2014 Heritage, this time both Cardinals. I'm still about 25 cards away from completing the set, that doesn't include the short prints or high numbers.

Moving away from COMC, to other things...

Ozzie Smith, 2005 Upper Deck Classics - Now this came from a lot of 20 cards from the set on eBay, it was $2 shipped, I strictly wanted it for the Ozzie. I had been watching it for weeks and a few repostings, then I finally bit the bullet. Now, something I did not know, that the scan is missing, this card is actually serial number out of /200. The numbering is on the front of the card, right by the foot. This scan is missing it, which is odd.

Finally, before this blog starts to kick rocks, I mentioned I'm done with 1994 Upper Deck, finally completed. So I've moved on to another Upper Deck. Two more actually. 1991 and 1990. Both boxes were $10 on eBay with free shipping, so that's good. 1990 Upper Deck, I don't have too much of, 1991 UD I have a solid amount of, hopefully I'll be able to finish the low-numbers with relative ease.

I've opened up a few packs of 1991 Upper Deck, it came in the mail today and I forgot...
Team holograms in every pack! lol I haven't got a Cardinals one yet, just White Sox and American League. I'd rather have a hologram than a stick of gum, especially after 25 years. But, my joy came from opening the second pack I opened and the last card of said pack...
Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Nowadays, it's not a very special card, but back in the day, it was. I will say, I got excited when I saw it, I wasn't expecting it, mostly because I forgot about it. Yes, a relic from the over-produced "junk-era" cards, but I'll gladly welcome it into my collection, just like all the cards from this box of 1991 Upper Deck.

....Except the doubles, they can f*ck off. lol

Come back this weekend for ListiaMania whatever Roman numeral. So far, nine cards have come in, so it looks like a packed weekend.

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