Saturday, November 28, 2015

ListiaMania VI

Welcome to another installment of ListiaMania. Last week was rather short and because of my scanning embargo, not all that exciting. This week is different though, a lot of cards came in and I've decided to postpone talking about the cards with no picture and show them at a later date,

Also doing some cleanup here at the start, hope everyone had an exciting Thanksgiving. Mine wasn't all that bad, ate, went home, passed out and then ate more. 'Murica! Then Black Friday,  I did my part as a consumer and spent, most of that was already done though since I got Best Buy's TV deal a full two weeks earlier than BF (suckers!). Also a good amount of baseball cards were bought, some will get spotlighted here in a "It Came from eBay!" entry, by the way, that's suppose to sound spooky - like from the 50's horror movies.

Alright, enough yapping, onto the festivities...

Jaime Garcia, 2011 Topps Lineage - I really didn't get the point of Topps Lineage, other than Topps wanting to bloat their market share further in a product that straddles the appeal in older collectors and new alike, they did that much better with the re-launch a year later of Topps Archives, it still isn't perfect though. Why am I rambling about this? It's a Cardinal card I didn't have and was only 250 points.

 2013 Gypsy Queen Singles -  Nope not a lot, all four separately. Around the horn, Don Sutton, Andrew McCutchen, Duke Snider and Fergie Jenkins. Going for the set and these four were MIA. Point wise, the Dodger players were cheap around 557 for Sutton and 757 for Snider, then McCuthen was 1,269 and Fergie topped out at 1,510 points.

Unkown Baltimore Orioles shortstop, 1996 Pinnacle Zenith - My collection of this set consists of Ozzie, Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and this chap now. Never heard of him though. 3,000 points 

Albert Pujols, 2013 Pinnacle - My stance on Pujols has drastically withered  this year, before it was indifference, now it's at somewhere looking fondly back and whatever is after indifference. lol 350 points.

Albert Pujols, 2006 Ultra Home Run Kings - Another Pujols, this time in a Cardinals uniform. Great looking insert from Upper Deck's first crack at Ultra cards. 2,499 points.

Sami Zayn, 2014 Topps WWE NXT Prospects - Yes, the wrestling fan strikes out yet again, this time nabbing a Sami Zayn "rookie card." Sami is amazing. If you're a wrestling fan and have yet to see Sami wrestle, well you're a bad wrestling fan. Shame on you!

Jayson Heyward, 2013 Topps Chrome Connections Die Cuts - Ah yes, the return of my mortal enemy! These monstrosity of die cuts. They look like utter sh*t, but I want them all. Not the set, I want every one of these in existence, After I get every one, I'm going to burn them. 2,795 points.

Jimmy Rollins, 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces - A set where I have got all my cards from Listia, if I'm serious about doing this set, I should probably look other places, huh? 1,000 points.

Yadier Molina, 2014 Stadium Club - And a Yadi sneaks in just before closing! Could an Ozzie be around the corner? (spoiler: No.) I like the fact that Topps uses unique pictures for Stadium Club, instead of recycling the same pictures that they use for the flagship, Gypsy Queen, Heritage and A&G. 2,242 points.

And now, my Listia card of the week...

Stan Musial short print, 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces - An all-time Cardinal great and a set that I like a lot. I wish I could jump right in and start working on this set, can't justify it yet though. So close to finishing both 2014 Heritage and 2013 Gypsy Queen, maybe after those two are done this will be in my sights. The artwork is great as is the card stock. Top notch work from Upper Deck.

So there we have it, these week in the books. A damn fine week if I don't say so myself.

Looking ahead to Wednesday's entry...It all depends on what comes in the mail between now and then, much like everything my blog revolves around. lol

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