Saturday, July 18, 2015

Busy Mail Day

So, one of the new things about being in this new age collecting is that you have crazy busy mail days. I noticed this today. No trades to send out but I did send out a bunch of cards I sold on eBay. Mostly cards from 2015 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box and 2015 Topps Archives Blaster Box I got last month. I got back roughly half of what I paid for the blaster of Archives and did well on the cards from the Series 2 box, I can now get a Series 1 box, because I do things ass-backwards.

Also in the mail I sent out two more possible autographs. Hopefully they will come back signed by the ballplayers I sent them to. *crosses fingers*

And finally in the mail, was this:

A box of 2013 Series 1 Topps. It didn't come like that, I just needed to open the box.

Here's the thing though, I'm not opening any of those packs until I get all of my cards put into my collection over at the Trading Card Database (username: ShoTime, go check out what I got). I only have one set left to got through and it's 1993 Upper Deck. It's sitting right beside me as I sit at my desk. A row and a half out of the four row boxes. Normally this would suck, but I'm sick as a dog and probably won't be able to sleep. Hopefully I get through this set pretty fast and I can rip open a few packs before I pass out.

I'm off to take some Mucinex and count cards...

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