Friday, July 10, 2015

It Came from the Mail #1:

My first ever real blog entry in nearly....A few years, I had a regular one over at, but that site dried up after the staff killed it, but that's a different story for a different day. Today is about what I got in the mail, it was trade from redlegs_baseball over at the Trading Card Database. A medium sized trade, here's what went down.

I gave up:

1977 Topps #100 Joe Morgan

1991 Studio #161 Tom Browning

1991 Studio #162 Eric Davis

1991 Studio #163 Rob Dibble

1991 Studio #164 Mariano Duncan

1991 Studio #165 Chris Hammond

1993 Studio #71 Nolan Ryan
1993 Studio #121 Sammy Sosa
1994 Donruss - Special Edition Gold #10 Tony Gwynn

1994 Donruss - Special Edition Gold #29 Dave Hollins

1994 Donruss - Special Edition Gold #45 Barry Larkin

Yes, I have a ton load of Studio cards to trade after buying a 3 box lot of '91, '92 and '93 off eBay for super cheap. I got the complete sets of '92 and '93. The '91 box was a complete debacle and have put me off of buying any older Leaf products again.

And I got back:

1985 Donruss Action All-Stars #28 Ozzie Smith
I had no idea how huge this card was when I asked for it in the trade, if I did I probably would have offered more.

1988 Donruss All-Stars - Pop-Ups #15 Ozzie Smith
I originally thought I had this card, but it was actually the '89 Pop-Up I had. You can only tell the difference in them through the slight differences in the background since both pictures were taken at Wrigley Field.

2011 Topps - 60 Years Of Topps #60YOT-32 Ozzie Smith 1983
I have the original of this card, I guess I wanted the reprint because of my OCD.

2012 Topps #1a Ryan Braun

The rest are all 2012 Topps base cards which I need to finish up the set, sans short prints. Yuck.

2012 Topps #8 Mike Adams

2012 Topps #13 Vernon Wells

2012 Topps #16 Desmond Jennings

2012 Topps #18 Colby Lewis

2012 Topps #20 Craig Kimbrel

2012 Topps #21 Chris Iannetta

2012 Topps #27 John Buck

2012 Topps #29 Livan Hernandez / Roy Oswalt / Randy Wolf

2012 Topps #35a Eric Hosmer
For those of you who actually read this, what do you think of the trade?


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere! It's fun, it's addicting, but dang, it is time consuming!

    1. Lol Thanks man, I'm trying not to do it all the time, but people can't help themselves. :)