Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Key to Success or: How I Love Puns

Another day in the trading card world, but this time a little brighter as I got another TTM Auto today, this is a pretty decent one too:

Jimmy Key, 1993 Leaf. Marking the second card in that set I've got signed. only 548 to go! lol By the way, if you send Mr. Key a card to sign, only send one, since he only does one at a time.

On the TTM from I'm now 3/12. I've wrote off getting my 2015 Gypsy Queen Wade Boggs signed since that was mailed a month ago. Sad. Also writing off Jhonny Peralta (because of what I've read about him and TTM Autos), a 2014 Heritage down the drain, it was sent two months ago. 

Moving onto the trade front, the first one I want to talk about is from Shrimpy Sausage over at the Trading Card Database. Traded a football card and a 2015 Heritage Indians checklist for some 2014 Heritage cards. I have a long way to go on that set, but I love that design so much, so much so I was thinking about hunting down some of the 2003 Upper Deck Vintage cards where they used the exact design.

Another trade from the TCDB, this time from wjsenke, 2015 Topps Series 2 base cards were exchanged and some Gypsy Queen Minis. He got the Minis and I got the base cards which is nice, the trade also included a Gypsy Queen Short Print of Dwight Gooden:

It brings me closer to completing the set, only need three more cards to complete the base, which is really all I care about, the short prints would be nice to have of course but I'm not going to hunt them down and well, don't get me started on the variations.

Also included in the trade wjsenke included a couple extra cards including:

2010 Topps Tales of the Game, Ozzie Smith. I had no idea this card existed and I usually look for Ozzie cards, even when I was out of the loop of collecting. It's a nice looking card, catching Ozzie mid-flip.

Another extra card was:

2008 Heritage, Wilson Betemit. Now I haven't started collecting this set yet, but I love the design, it's the classic 1959 Topps design which I am a big fan of, although I have no cards of that set. lol

I'm out of breath from typing..It's almost like running a marathon.

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