Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gone Fishin'

...And I came up with a Trout...

...Wow, was that f*cking lame or what? lol

I recently passed 35,000 cards in my collection and the 2015Topps Chrome Trout was what did it. Pretty cool. It came out of the Angels/Dodgers lot I bought off eBay last week. Three great lots (I got a Cardinals one the week before) from the same seller. I just need to find boxes to put these three huge stacks of cards now...

Speaking of eBay, something I want to mention while it's still fresh, but I was going to wait until a counterpart of it also arrived, but it's coming from Canada, so it may take longer, but anyways, nabbed this off eBay...

Ozzie Smith, 2015 Gypsy Queen Mini Red #'d 9/50.

Kinda pretty, huh? Mini's don't really do much for me, but like anything, there are exceptions and Ozzie is that exception and at only $4 shipped, it's a good exception.

 Now, before I go, I just want to say...My scanner sucks, I know this. Next week, hopefully getting a new one, with some Black Friday deal going around, get a decent one that doesn't wash my scans out. So yeah...I won't be scanning anything for a week, not that I have much coming in, although there is a sizable stack from the Angels/Dodgers lot.

That's pretty much all I have to say, keep it short and sweet huh? ListiaMania V this weekend, which could be very quiet because only 4 cards have come in. So, that could be boring. lol

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