Saturday, November 7, 2015

ListiaMania III

Another week nearly in the books and the weekend brings me talking about my Listia haul, which seems pretty light this week, I have no idea why though, none the less there are some to talk about so lets start...

Chris Carpenter, 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor. God my scan of this card sucks badly, I don't know what it is, its all washed out. My scans are either really good or washed out to f*ck. Ugh. Great looking card though for 499.

Mike Piazza, 1994 Donruss MVP. I have five copies of this card now. Um, for trade bait, even though I've never actually traded one. Don't use logic with me. 560 points.

Jimmy Key, 1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold. Another card I already have, got this if I ever start up the whole TTM gimmick again. 

Ozzie Smith, 1985 Topps Tiffany. You can't tell by the picture, you have to tell by the glossy in person (or touch). With online auctions, I'm always weary of going after Tiffany cards, because if you've seen as many eBay auctions as I have where people got everything wrong, you'd understand. But I digress, a parallel to a card I already have. Ha! 3 out of the first 4 cards, I already have or a counterpart of. What the hell? 2,999 points.

Chris Carpenter, 2011 Gypsy Queen. The first year Topps started with Gypsy Queen and in my opinion, the best looking of all the sets (says the guy with 2 cards out of it - Hey, you shut up now). 503 points.

Chris Carpenter, 2012 Topps Archives. I like the idea of the Archives cards, but outside of a blaster box, they're too expensive some $200 for a hobby box? Wow. I'll stick with just the Cardinal cards and the handful of players I like. 299 points.

Michael Wacha, 2014 Donruss. Strictly because it was a Cardinal card. Although, not really because I don't see any birds. 499 points.

Fernando Valenzuela, 2015 Gypsy Queen Short Print. My philosophy on the 2015 Gypsy Queen short prints have changed radically, from a being a hippie and "Oh, man. They'll get done when they get done." to an overzealous a**hole politician "I want these motherf*ckers done now!" Which is strange, because politicians don't get anything done. Wait, where was I? Oh, short prints. I'm about 15 away, I think. 596 points.

Tom Seaver, 2015 Gypsy Queen Short Print. Did I mention my philosophy on these have changed? 4,966 points.

Now...Save the last dance for me. No, rewind...Save the best for last. It's my Listia Haul Card of the Week.

Barry Bonds, 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball Red Backs. I'm not really a Barry Bonds collector, but I like this card, its kind of like Topps redoing Turkey Red, although the art style here is real person, cartoon background, whereas Turkey Red is reversed. I have no idea what this significance of a red back is, in the form of this set, judging  by a checklist I just looked at, a simple parallel? I don't know. 775 points.

I thought this week was going to be light, but 10 cards to rant about wasn't too bad. Looking ahead to next and LMIV. A card I should have already got might be here, the auction ended 2 weeks ago, a slew of Chris Carpenter cards, a few modern day Chrome cards in the '52 Topps design and a card that nearly broke my f*cking Listia bank.

All that stuff better come, or I'm going to look like an ass (you mean a bigger ass, right?- I told you to shut it!)

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