Saturday, November 14, 2015

ListiaMania IV

You know the drill, so lets get this started, notice how I didn't say party? Ha!

Chris Carpenter, 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Cardinals and Gypsy Queen fan, so yeah. 336 Points.

Chris Carpenter, 2010 Topps Chrome - Should be evident why I wanted this, no? 304 Points.

Chris Carpenter, 2011 Topps 60 - I like this insert set (says the guy two cards from it - Shush it!). 448 Points.

Albert Pujols, 2013 Bowman Platinum - My stance on Pujols has soften greatly over the past four years, I still think his contract was a money grab, but you can't blame a person for that. Plus he went to the Angels, the Angels are a perennial third place team, even more so now being behind the Texas Rangers and the Astros. 1,010 Points.

Albert Pujols, 2010 Topps Logoman - These cards were for HTA stores and apparently are hard to find/get, I have no idea, but they were made to celebrate Topps' getting of the exclusive MLB License. 2,499 points.

Ozzie Smith, 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's - It's an Ozzie Card, that I didn't have, is there any wonder I wanted it? 6,780 points. Ouch! I thought this nearly broke my Listia points stash...But just wait...

Chris Carpenter, 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces - This is a interesting set, I like the faux canvas the cards are on, I guess I'm a sucker for that. Good looking card in hand. 299 points.

Nate Schierholtz, 2007 Topps Rookie 1952 Edition Chrome - Topps Heritage Chrome and the like are like "take my money all day long" I don't have many though, but I like them. 2,323 points.

Chase Headley, 2007 Topps Rookie 1952 Edition Chrome - Got from the same seller as above. 1,160 points.

Yasiel Puig, 2014 Topps Finest - A good looking card (that scan is no bueno). 3,363 points The seller also threw in these bonus cards as well...

Alex Rios, 2014 Topps Chrome

Mike Foltynewicz, 2015 Topps Chrome - A couple Chrome bonuses, including a rookie from this years release. Cool.

Albert Pujols, 2007 Topps Turkey Red - So, this card was only labeled as "Prince Albert" and didn't have a picture, luckily I had been looking at this Turkey Red set recently and remembered that the Prince Albert card was actually a Albert Pujols checklist. Nice story. 200 points. If it had a picture and was named Pujols, I doubt it would have been that low.

Jhonny Peralta, 2014 Topps Update Chrome - A Cardinal card I did not have. 499 points.

Duke Snider, 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Framed Gold - Yay! Another Framed Gold, 4 out of the 100 in the set, so only 96 more to go. lol 2.020 points. The seller also threw in this bonus...

Mark Trumbo, 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Future Stars - A bonus is always cool to get.

Now, like always, the last card is desginated for my Listia Card of the Week...

Ozzie Smith, 1996 Upper Deck Diamond Destiny - Now usually, I wouldn't have picked this my card of the week, I probably would have picked the Pujols logo man, but this card right here broke my Listia credits bank 11,050 points. Wow, that is a lot of points for a single card, but I'm justifying it because it's an Ozzie I didn't have.

That's it for this week, looking ahead to next week has some more of the same for LMV.

As for posts next week from the blog, a couple more It Came from eBay! and some random thoughts about Fallout 4 since I can now play it, because I got a TV. lol

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