Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My First COMC Order or: How I'm Off to See the Wizard

We have three major sites for buying loose cards that collectors use. Just Commons, Sportlots and COMC. At the end of this entry I'll give my opinion on all three sites. Yes, I also know there is eBay, but I'm talking where the main focus is cards.

So, let's jump right in and my very first card ever ordered from COMC is...

1993 Ultra, Mike Harkey. Really, this card? Yes. It completes my '93 Ultra set, it was nowhere to be found on Just Commons the last time I looked and clocked in at $1.11 (ouch) at COMC. A steep price to pay to finish one of my favorite sets. And looking now, I see I could have got this very same card on Sportlots for 18 cents. Live and learn. But I can now say, 1993 Ultra is dunzo!

1994 Upper Deck, Luis Ortiz is my second and filling the same purpose as the Harkey, filling a set. Not completing it though. This one, also unable to find on Just Commons and this clocked in at $0.75 at COMC, well over double book price. You see, my first two buys at COMC aren't going so well. Nearly $2.00 spent out of the $17 I allotted myself. I'm thinking this going to be a bust. Oh and this is 18 cents on Sportlots as well.

1992 Classic II, Robin Ventura is my third card. Unable to find on Just Commons last time I looked. Also serving a purpose of filling a set, I'm only missing the Frank Thomas. The thing about these cards is that they came as a set and I was missing a few, so I must have traded some away in my younger collecting days. I was a dumb kid. This clocked in at $0.37 at COMC, something I could get behind. Also going for 18 cents at Sportlots.

2014 Topps - 1989 Topps Mini, Ozzie Smith. The first Ozzie of the lot. I was watching this card on Listia and I figured I wouldn't have enough points for it, so I just did the next best thing. $0.63 cents at COMC. Couldn't find this card on either Just Commons or Sportlots.

Now we hit quads of a 2015 Topps insert that I really like...
2015 Topps - Heart of the Order, Jose Canseco, Jeff Bagwell, Freddie Freeman and Paul Goldshmidt. Canseco was $0.65, Freeman $0.63, Goldschmidt $0.58 and Bagwell $0.45. Only one more card need for this insert set and it will be done, hopefully it happens soon. All these cards were slightly cheaper at Just Commons and all were 18 cents at Sportlots.

Now, we get into the barrage of the greatest shortstop who has ever played the game...

1994 Bowman's Best, Ozzie Smith. Another card I was watching on Listia that I simply forgot about bidding on as that tends to happen. $0.41 at COMC. Just Commons has it for $1.20, while Sportlots is the typical 18 cents.

2010 Topps Legendary Lineage, Ozzie Smith/Elvis Andrus. Dual cards were never my favorite because Ozzie always usually got shafted by some inferior Orioles shortstop, who I can't name. $0.40 at COMC.
 Just Commons has it for a $1. And Sportlots 18 cents.

2011 Topps Lineage, Ozzie Smith. A cool looking action shot of the Wizard, one that Topps hasn't used a million times either. $0.37 at COMC. Just Commons: 30 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

2010 Topps Turkey Red, Ozzie Smith. The look of this card is awesome, the watercolor background is a high point of the set. The texture also is very nice. $0.50 at COMC. Just Commons: 75 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

2011 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary, Legend Short Print. That's a mouth full. The card is amazing looking and shiny as all f*ck. $0.70 cents at COMC. Not listed at Just Commons or Sportlots.

2010 Topps Update Vintage Legends Collection, Ozzie Smith. I'm a sucker for players in designs they weren't suppose to be in, plus it's an Ozzie and it was only $0.34. Just Commons: 50 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

2011 Topps Update Topps 60. A lot of Ozzie in a Padres uniform, huh? $0.44 cents at COMC. Just Commons: 40 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

1992 Ultra Award Winners, Ozzie Smith. I love the Ultra cards and when I saw this for $0.45, I jumped.
Just Commons: $2.40. Sportlots: 70 cents.

1994 Pinnacle Tribute, Ozzie Smith. Was never into Pinnacle cards all that much, but this is a nice looking card that I had never seen before in my life. $0.69 at COMC. Not Listed at Just Commons. Sportlots: 95 cents.

2014 Stadium Club, Ozzie Smith. Newer Stadium Club and a shot that Topps hasn't used over and over and for only $0.50 it got me. Just Commons: 65 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

2013 Gypsy Queen Mini, Ozzie Smith. My love for Gypsy Queen is well documented here. $0.39 at COMC. Just Commons: 75 cents. Sportlots: 18 cents.

Now, I took a short break from Ozzie cards to focus on some unique Cardinal cards...

2013 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cuts, Adam Wainwright. I'm a sucker for Die Cuts and this is actually a pretty elegant one, not too much, it's very nice looking. $0.43 at COMC. Not listed at Just Commons. Sportlots: 48 cents.

2013 Topps Chrome Chrome Connections Die Cuts, Matt Holliday. We go from elegant to hideous. It's such an ugly looking die cut, I had to have it. Scanning it was no fun either, then getting back into the penny sleeve was a nightmare. I think I wasted a good minute trying to do it because of the middle point on the bottom. Ugly f*cking card but only $0.40. This monstrosity of cards is not listed on Just Commons. Sportlots: 23 cents.

2013 Topps Cut to the Chase, Lance Berkman. Back to elegant again. I love this die cut set, I want to complete it so badly I only have 5 though. $0.43 at COMC. Not listed at Just Commons. Sportlots: 20 cents.

2014 Topps Update Gold, A.J. Pierzynski #867/2014. One thing I love to do is to get odd players in Cardinals uniform. Like Bobby Bonilla, did you know he was a Cardinal? This card falls under that totem.
A.J. is also most know in Cardinals uniform for his epic flop during a 2014 NLCS game against the Giants, which was hilarious and is worth the $0.64 I paid for it, just for that moment alone. Just Commons: 60 cents.
Sportlots: 24 cents.

2013 Topps Update Gold, Yadier Molina #261/2013. A Yadi gold card for $0.50, how could you pass that up, even as a baseball fan? Just Commons: 45 cents. Sportlots: $1

2014 Topps Triple Threads Amethyst #7/325. My first ever serial numbered Ozzie. This card is super thick as well, thicker than a Gypsy Queen Relic card. It's very nice looking and was only $0.62. Not listed on Just Commons or Sportlots.

2013 Gypsy Queen Framed White, Yadier Molina. Another Yadi and Gypsy Queen parallel. For only $0.44, I couldn't resist. Not listed on Just Commons. Sportlot: $2.

2012 Gypsy Queen Framed Blue, Matt Holliday #312/599. Gypsy Queen? Check. Cardinal? Check. Serial numbered? Check. For a measly $0.48. Not listed on Just Commons. Sportlots: $1

2014 Gypsy Queen Framed Blue, Ozzie Smith #30/499. This was the big purchase of the whole COMC, it cost the most and was the one I was waiting to get my hands on. It was $1.50 at COMC, I figure it was that low because it looks like the framing is off by a margin or so, you can see in the scan. I don't really care though. Not listed at Just Commons. Sportlots: $2.

2006 SP Legendary Cuts, Ozzie Smith. A great looking card. $0.46. Not listed on Just Commons. Sportlots: 18 cents.

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings, Ozzie Smith. I wanted a fun card to top off my order and this was it. It's a nice looking card on faux canvas and it's a picture of Ozzie I haven't seen a million times. $0.69 at COMC. Not Listed at Just Commons. Sportlots: $1.

So there we have it, my first order from COMC. 30 cards for $16.95 and the $3 shipping. I forgo a blaster box this month in order to get this and I think it was well worth it, even with the few hiccups with my first few selections.

As for the difference between COMC, Just Commons and Sportlots. I see COMC as like Best Buy, they have a ton of sh*t, but you don't want to buy everything there, like base cards. Just Commons is like Wal-Mart's Great Value brand, you know what you're getting and should probably stick just buying base cards from them. Sportlots is strange though. Yes cards are super cheap, shipping could bite you in the ass though if you don't watch who you're buying from, you have to pay close attention to that little, but huge detail.

I'm already working on my second order from COMC, about 13 cards deep into $5, with the most expensive card not being an Ozzie or even a baseball card! Say what?

Oh, and I leave you with a card I won off Listia...I like this card very much...

2011 Gypsy Queen Framed Bronze, Ozzie Smith #567/999

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