Monday, September 21, 2015

Nothing Is Better Than a Quickie! (#4)

While loading up pictures at the Trading Card Database for the 2009 Allen & Ginter set, I ran across a card I didn't know existed that I wanted, and no it's not an Ozzie Smith card...

2009 Allen & Ginter, Steve Wiebe.

Yes, I wanted this card badly because I love The King of Kong, it's an awesome documentary based upon Wiebe trying to break the world high score on Donkey Kong. After checking out COMC, where this was a couple dollars (yikes), I went to Sportlots and nabbed on for 18 cents. I also picked up a card hopefully to talk about at a later date, a 2014 Heritage Ryne Sandberg and the following card all from the same seller for sub $1.50...

1987 Burger King All-Pro, Ozzie Smith.

Ha! I snuck one in! This is an oddball clearly and for 18 cents, what's the harm? And for being a nearly 30 year old food issue card, it's actually in really good shape, it still has the perforated edges where the other cards were.
Also a quick trade to mention, with wjsenke over at the Trading Card Database, I gave up a few 2014 Gypsy  Queen minis that I had got and received these in return...

2015 Gypsy Queen The Queen's Throwbacks, Mike Trout. A very nice looking card of the best player in baseball.

2012 Topps, Ichiro. Only 11 more cards to finish the set. No, I'm not counting the Bryce Harper "rookie card" either.

2015 Topps Archetypes, Mariano Rivera and Ken Griffey, Jr. Slowly making my way through this little insert set.

2015 Heritage News Flashbacks, Gateway Arch. wjsenke also sent this as a small extra. A card commemorating the finishing of the Gateway Arch being built. A cool card from wjsenke, who is a top notch trader at the Trading Card Database, I couldn't say enough nice things about him.

That's it for now, a little longer than usual quickies are, but oh well. :P 

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