Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Worm or: How I Woke Up Early

With the long weekend, it was a pretty quiet one, no trades came in, but I did get some interesting stuff in the mail, lets dig in...

The first thing in was this small Matt Cain lot I got off eBay. I'm not a Giants fan, but Cain is a solid pitcher and a lot that has a Gypsy Queen relic in it for sub $3.50, I couldn't pass up...

 Also in the lot was the first time I came across some of these new fangled parallels, I don't really look for these or seek them out, but I guess they're worth something to trade or when I want to look at something shiny...

Panini Prizm Camo Refractor. I don't know why the camo looks all digitized and stuff. It's good looking though, even minus the logos.

2013 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor. A solid looking card, I think the orange refractors look better on Giants players than say players on the Rays, since the Giants have that built in orange color. This card came with a dinged corner, which I thought was nearly impossible to do to Chrome cards

Also in the lot was a Bowman Platinum Ruby parallel, Bowman Chrome Blue refractor and another Topps Chrome X-Fractor, a random Topps insert card and a Prizm Fearless card, which could double as a mirror, if I felt like shaving.

In the mail Saturday as well, were these...Which I nearly forgot about sending...

 Brian Harper autographs on 1986 Topps, 1992 Ultra, 1993 Leaf and 1994 Donruss Diamond Kings. A big thank you to wjsenke at the Trading Card Database for supplying me with the Brian Harper Cardinals card.

A nice autograph from Mr. Harper, I'm not a religious man, but I do know bible verse numbers when I see them. The only bible verse I can quote off-hand is Austin 3:16 (lulz).

Since we're on the subject, TTM Auto's, I haven't sent any out since those Harper's and I've had a pretty good return ratio. Of the 17 I've sent out, 9 have come back, over half of them. This week I plan to send out three, two will be interesting and one is repeat of whom I sent to before.

While still on autographs, I got this a few weeks ago, but neglected to mention it because - well scanning is hard. Take a look...

Bob Barker on a nice glossy 8x10. The auto looks real and legit, skeptical about the "Hi Cory" (I'm Cory by the by). It looks nice and it was free via request from the CBS website, I think.

That's it for today, but it will be a busy week here on this blog. I expect a ton of stuff coming in the mail today. A huge auction I got my hands on via eBay a whole bunch of Ozzie Smith cards i got from a certain card site, hopefully I'll talk about them in tomorrow's post. I can't wait to get my filthy paws all over them and who knows, maybe some other stuff I've completely forgot about, which is entirely true. And for telling tales out of school, I've decided to keep that until next Monday, for sure I will.

Thanks for reading and for those who aren't watching Farrah Abraham on Celebrity Big Brother. DO IT! It's the best train wreckage ever.

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