Friday, September 4, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 8: The Final Countdown

Alright, before the final pack of 2012-13 Panini is ripped open, a trade...

From CoachBarry over at the Trading Card Database. He got...

2012 Topps - 1987 Topps Mini Jose Bautista

and 2015 Gypsy Queen Andre Dawson.

I received...

2011 Heritage Manny Ramirez.

2011 Heritage Miguel Tejada. Now, I haven't started working on the 2011 set, I guess I'm slowly working cards in if the opportunity arises.

2015 Topps, Kevin Kiermaier.

and 2015 Topps, Shane Greene. Should be dunzo with 2015 Topps. I'm three cards away, I made the trade for those three cards, the person I made the trade with has my cards and I got nothing in return. It's been a month, so...Next week I tell tails of out school. :)

So there we have it, another trade from CoachBarry, he suffered through two of my dinky little trades and we pulled of big one in between the two small ones. I think he cleared me out of everything he wanted, from what I have. lol

Now onto this Panini. About a month ago, I bought this rack pack box off of eBay from D&A Card World. It was $26, the same price as two blaster boxes would have been. I thought it was a great deal, 12 rack packs, 40 cards a piece. After I open this last rack pack, I will break everything down. I have been cutting the packs in half for this last run and only been opening half a rack pack each day, today is the last pack a full rack pack 40 cards. I need 26 to finish the set....Maybe something cool will pop up too...Lets rip it, I'm starting with the bottom half first, it's say 40 cards per pack, the top half with Kevin Durant will be opened last...Here we go...

First card out is MarShon Brooks #287, rookie card. Fresh rookie. I was not expecting that, since I thought I had all the rookies. lol Shows how much I know.

John Jenkins, #245 rookie card. Fresh.

Dion Waiters, #203 rookie card. Fresh.

Austin Rivers, #261 rookie card. Fresh.

Quincy Acy, #219 rookie card. Fresh.

Chris Singleton, #242 rookie card. Fresh.

Ben Hansbrough, #299 rookie card. Fresh.

Heroes of the Hall insert, Patrick Ewing. A really nice looking card.

James Harden, #73. Double

Channing Frye, #30. Double.

Jose Calderon, #87. Double.

DeMar DeRozan, #45. Double.

Amar'e Stoudemire, #3. Fresh!

Ersan Ilyasova, #61. Fresh.

Shawn Marion, #153. Double.

Marcin Gortat, #111. Double.

Paul Pierce, #134. Double.

Mark Jackson, #191. Double.

Ryan Anderson, #149. Fresh.

Luis Scola, #107. Fresh! Wraps up the first part of the rack pack. A decent mix of doubles and freshness. For those of you who are keeping track it's 285/300. So I need 15 out of the next 20 to be fresh. lol This is getting down to the wire....Next pack!

Marcus Morris, #257 rookie card. Fresh!

Jimmer Fredette, #215 rookie card. Fresh!

Darius Johnson-Odom, #272 rookie card. Double. :(

Reggie Jackson (not that one), #229 rookie card. Double.

Kim English, #286 rookie card. Double.

Jan Vesely, #244 rookie card. Double.

Brandon Knight, #202 rookie card. Double.

Harrison Barnes, #260 rookie card. Double.

Blake Griffin, #19. Fresh!

David West, #42. Fresh!

Kyle Korver, #99. Fresh.

Emeka Okafor, #57. Fresh.

Alonzo Gee, #15. Fresh.

Jameer Nelson, #72. Fresh.

Trevor Ariza, #185. Fresh.

Mo Williams, #123. Fresh.

Connie Hawkins, #180. Fresh.

Rajon Rondo, #137. Fresh.

Pistol Pete Maravich, #194. Fresh and what an awesome an awesome card.

Shannon Brown, #152. Fresh and wraps up all the 2012-13 Panini rack packs.

Final tally after 12 rack packs....299/300! Ain't that a b*tch! LOL OMG! ROFL! UGH!

So after all that, a full rack pack box, nearly the whole set 299/300...167 doubles...

1 All-Panini insert.

2 relics.

2 awesome looking Heroes of the Hall inserts. (Ewing pictured above).

3 Silver Knight parallels.

Also 2 Matching Numbers and 2 Spirit of the Game inserts. I would say my $26 dollars went pretty far and I'm happy with purchase. So happy in fact I plan on buying another rack pack box of a different set, more details will come in a future entry, I'm sure.

Anybody interested in trading for doubles, can hit me up at the Trading Card Database, username ShoTime. I usually trade baseball, but I'm willing to work with other sports/cards as well.

Next week on the blog, is going to be a big one, I have a few packages arriving that I can't wait to rip into and share with fine people who read this. One of the packages is HUGE, say it like Donald Trump people. It will probably take me days to get through. Also next week, I will be telling tales of school, unless my last three 2015 Topps cards magically appear in my post office box.

That's it for this entry though. Thank you to all who have read, it was super long today because of the full rack pack, I do apologize for that, wanted to get it knocked out before the long weekend. Which reminds, everyone have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what one card I'm missing from the 2012-13 Panini set...

Richard Hamilton, #141.

UGH!!! lol

Have a nice weekend people. :)

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