Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 7: The Panini Awakens

Before the Panini Awakens! Some trades..

Alright, these were, in the words of Donald Trump, huge trades. I usually don't do more than one big trade a week because the shipping can get out of hand, but I did this week (last week, same diff).

First up is Tigerfan22 at the Trading Card Database, mostly just base stuff was exchanged, he did get some inserts, which is cool and here are some highlights from my end of the trade...

1990 Donruss - Best of the NL. A normal common card to mot, but one that has been stuck in my crawl for the better part of 20 years. A neighbor kid over 20 years ago traded me all the Cardinals in this set and Joe Carter (I had a Carter phase), but he wouldn't trade me the Zeile. Now I have it and the Cardinals team set from this nice looking Donruss set. The blue is so much better than the red in the main series.

1990 Leaf, Todd Zeile rookie card. This set is awesome, I only have 4 cards out of it, they're not easy to find or trade for. I could be wrong (probably am) one of the only cards to show Zeile in full catcher gear.

1994 Donruss - Special Edition Gold, Tim Salmon. So close to finish this set 75/100. The next 25 will be the pain though, because those 25 include Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds. Not very cheap.

2007  Topps Heritage, Chris Young. My lone Heritage from this year. After getting it in my hands, I instantly wanted more, but I can't I'm still working on 2014 and 2015 Heritage. UGH!

A couple of highlights from the 2012 Topps stack included in the trade. Some Cardinals 2011 World Series love.

2014 Topps, Kolten Wong rookie card. I guess Kolten is my go to Cardinal for collecting now. Lets hope he has a very long career ahead of him.

Those were just some of the highlights from the trade with Tigerfan22, 64 cards I got, he got 70, to huge to break down individually. Next big trade comes from vrooomed, also at the Trading Card Database. The Highlights...

1982 Donruss, Ozzie Smith.

1982 Fleer, Ozzie Smith. Not a big fan of the early Fleer stuff, but it's an Ozzie I didn't have.

1983 Donruss, Ozzie Smith. Ozzie's first Donruss card in a Cardinals uniform. Awesome looking card.

1984 Topps Ralston Purina, Ozzie Smith. A card I could have sworn up and down I had, but didn't. Maybe I'd seen so many times at card shows and flea markets that I though I had it?

1985 Leaf/Donruss, Ozzie Smith. Only card from this set I have and I do not have the regular Donruss Ozzie either. Beside the Leaf, I'm not sure what the difference is and yes, I know the Leaf cards were a Canada only release. That's it for the Ozzie's in the trade, but soon this blog will be inundated with Ozzie cards...Stay tuned...

Also in the trade was some '93 Leaf, '94 Donruss, '12 Topps, '13 Topps, '14 Heritage and '15 Topps. All base stuff to help me with those sets, so thank you to vrooomed for helping me out with those sets and the awesome Ozzie's. 5 ticked off, only a couple more thousand to go, thanks to all the parallels from the past decade and a half. lol

Panini Time!

Ok, when he last left off, I got a sh*t ton of doubles last pack, nothing but doubles. I currently stand at 274/300 for the set...Lets see happens. The pack is opened in real time...

Jon Leuer, rookie card. Double. I'm expecting the rookies to be doubles.

Doron Lamb, #213 rookie card. Double.

Will Barton, #270 rookie card. Double.

Kyrie Irving, #227 rookie card. Double. I guess good trade bait.

Arnett Moultrie, #251 rookie card. Double.

Perry Jones, #209 rookie card. Double.

Markieff Morris, #267 rookie card. Double.

Jimmy Butler, #225 rookie card. Da Bull.

Greg Monroe, #69 (ha). Double

Kevin Garnett, #92. Double.

Marco Belinelli, #50. Da Bull

Andrea Bargnani, #8. Double.

Goran Dragic, #66. Double. Ugh.

Brandon Roy, #24. Double. It's happening again!

Nikola Pekovic, #130. Double. Bah!

James Worthy, #187. Double.

Rodney Stuckey, #145. Double.

Landry Fields, #103. Double.

Tayshaun Prince #161. Double.

Michael Beasley, #119. Double.

There we have it. Another pack in the books. All doubles again too. Still standing at 274/300. 2 packs left. But tomorrow instead of ripping into only half of a rack pack, I'm doing both, all 40 cards. So maybe there will be something good in there, maybe another relic? An autographed card? I've never pulled one of them. Will I get the 26 cards I need in order to complete the set? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

It's gonna be nothing but doubles...40 more doubles. lol

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