Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rainbow Warrior or: How I Do a Special Edition

Blah, blah, blah, ramble, ramble, ramble...A trade from 49ants at the Trading Card Database...I parted with...
1994 Collector's Choice Silver, Drew Bledsoe

2004 Fleer Tradition Update Milestones, Barry Bonds. (My scan)

and 2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor, Matt Cain. (My scan)

Then, in return...

1995 Pacific, Ozzie Smith. An Ozzie card I had never seen before in my life, which is strange because I like Pacific cards.

...and Topps Pristine Legends Refractor, Ozzie Smith.  (My scan) When I first saw this card, while cruising Ozzie cards on eBay, I instantly wanted it, but I didn't want to pay the roughly $8 for the card and shipping. Luckily 49ants at the TCDB had it and I scrounged up enough from my collection to get it. It's an awesome card in the design of '65 Topps, which is a design I love, a refractor so it's shiny, although the scan does it no justice at all and it's numbered to only 549. There is also another Ozzie card in this same set, but it's a college card, which I'm not too gung-ho to get and it's numbered to 199 which would make it harder and a little more expensive to get.

Also on the trade front at the Trading Card Database, I got the cards I had been bitching about. So no more bitching about it from me. I'm not going to break down the trade or give the guy's username (although he has two). I'm just done with it and I'm just ignoring him from now on.

Moving onto some Listia finds...For those who don't know, Listia is kinda like eBay, only point based. You put items up for auction, you get so many points and then so on. Now they have a ton of cards on there, not too many interest me though, I don't put too much stuff up unless to utilize the bonus points. Anyways, lets see what I got...

2011 Gypsy Queen, Jake McGee. My first card of the set, it was 2,500 points (roughly 80 cents). This was complete impulse. Sometimes those pay out, sometimes they don't. I'm not sure on this one.

2012 Gypsy Queen Framed Gold, Nolan Ryan (My scan). My love for Gypsy Queen has been well documented on this blog and when I saw this, I wanted it. 3,035 points later it was mine. I think a good pick-up.

and finally from Listia, 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum, Chris Carpenter. This card is very nice looking in person, the scan does it no justice, it's very shiny and colorful (keeping with the rainbow title). And much like the Nolan card above, I wanted it and got it for 707 credits. Another solid pick-up.

And to close out this special "rainbow" edition blog, an order from Sportlots...

1994 Donruss Special Edition Gold, Kirby Puckett, Don Mattingly and Ryne Sandberg and their shiny rainbow foil. Inching closer and close to finishing this little parallel set, I've knocked off all the heavy hitters thanks to this order and some strategic buying on COMC. Now about 17 commons remain. These were all 18 cents and the book price is well over that and on eBay, I'm sure they're much higher than 18 cents.

Also from the same order at Sportlots...
2001 Topps Archives, Ozzie Smith.  When I saw this card oh so many years ago, I thought "Why did it need to be archived? It's a 1996 Topps, it came out five years before." It's silly that they picked this card over all the other Ozzie cards they could have picked, yes he did retire in 1996, but I'm sure Topps got lucky on that one. But for 18 cents, it's an Ozzie I can tick off. Now I have the 1996 base of this, the Chrome and the 2001 Archives, three of basically the same f*ck card. Now I think I get why I stopped collecting in 1998.

That's it for this entry, next time...I don't know what I have. Probably more Ozzie cards. Definitely more Ozzie cards...

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