Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The New and Improved Strictly Confidential!

Not really though, all I did was change the background and I found that snazzy new header from my old blog posts over at TV.com/MovieTome, thanks to the Way Back Machine and slapped Strictly Confidential on them. So, not really new, but I would say improved. Easier on the eyes.

While also at the Way Back Machine I found these...

I made those for my TV.com/MovieTome blog, it was entitled Random Shots. I had a solid readership there until they got rid of all the blogs and basically gutted their site. I was going to name this blog Random Shots, but I didn't have those headers and I don't have the programs anymore to recreate them. So, I ripped off L.A. Confidential and came up with Strictly Confidential, which judging by my readership now, everything I say is staying strictly confidential. It's almost like I'm yelling in a closet. lol

Some new stuff, but the same old jackass writing it.


  1. Neat new backdrop, but the Blog Archive is pretty hard to read now...might want to change the text color. I suggest red or yellow.

    1. Yeah, I've noticed that as well. Thank you though! :)