Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 6: Panini Balboa

Before the Panini, some trades...

First from mrbenaka at the Trading Card Database, I gave up...

2015 Gypsy Queen, Jason Vargas

2015 Gypsy Queen, James Shields

and 2015 Heritage Wade Davis.

In return...

2015 Topps Matt Garza

2015 Topps Xander Bogaerts

and 2015 Topps American League ERA Leaders.

Next trade comes from Jakenlaura2002, also at the Trading Card Database, I parted with...

1993 Studio Ryne Sandberg

2015 Topps - First Pitch Melissa McCarthy

2015 Topps - First Pitch Stan Lee

2015 Topps - Highlight of the Year Babe Ruth

and 2015 Topps - Highlight of the Year Miguel Cabrera

Then in return...
2015 Topps Doug Fister

2015 Topps Eduardo Escobar

2015 Topps Conor Gillaspie

2015 Topps David Phelps

2015 Topps Derek Jeter

and 2015 Topps - Heart of the Order Giancarlo Stanton

and the final trade comes from Colengco90, also from the Trading Card Database. He got...

2014 Topps Michael Wacha

and 2015 Topps Opening Day - Mascots Theodore Roosevelt 

and I got back...

2013 Topps Alex Gordon

2015 Topps J.D. Martinez

and 2015 Topps Josh Harrison

Thank you to the three of them for the great trades. I should be done with 2015 Topps, but someone who shall remain nameless (for now) stiffed me on the three final cards I need to complete the set, so that sucks.

Before I rip into this Panini pack, want to show off a few cards that came in the basketball card lot I mentioned in the eBay blog...

2001-2002 Topps Chrome - Team Topps Antawn Jamison. I picked this one because usually Chrome/Finest cards scan like ass, but this one came out pretty well, if you don't mind me saying. Probably because it's all colorful and not void of life, like Chrome cards usually are.

2001-2002 Topps Heritage Moochie Norris. Probably my favorite card out of the whole box, it captures the whole retro vibe it was going for and of course Moochie's afro only makes it better.

2001-2002 Upper Deck - SlamCenter Latrell Sprewell. Another one I thought was going to scan like ass because it's box in the middle is sorta-hologramific. Turned out much better than I thought though and is actually a nice looking card, in both person and scan. But, speaking of looking like ass...

1994-1995 Topps Embossed - Golden Idols Mookie Blaylock. That could be Mookie, it chould also be a shadow, who knows. These aren't that great looking in person and scan like complete ass. The Topps Embossed cards are fine, but the Golden Idols parallel are a no go. Yuck.

Finally, lets rip into this Panini pack. It's been a few days...

Alec Burks, #201 rookie card. Double. I think all the rookie cards will be doubles from here out, since I believe I have them all.

Tristan Thompson, #210 rookie card. Double.

Nolan Smith, #268 rookie card. Double.

Kemba Walker, #228 rookie card. Double.

Gustavo Ayon, #283 rookie card. Double.

Tyshawn Taylor, #240 rookie card. Double.

Alexey Shved, #297 rookie card. Double.

Blake Griffin and Ed Davis, Matching Numbers insert.

Brook Lopez, #25. Double.

Joakim Noah, #82. Da Bull (see what I did there? lol)

Danny Granger, #39. Double.

Kevin Durant, #96. Double.

Dwight Howard, #54. Double.

Antawn Jamison, #12. Double/double he was mentioned earlier. Ha!

Mike Conley, #120. Double.

Allen Iverson, #177. Double. He's considered a legend now? Geez, I'm old.

Willis Reed, #200. Double. And I have to say, that is an awesome looking card. The scan is great, but in person, this card is amaze-balls.

Steve Novak, #158. Double.

Martell Webster, #116. Double.

Wesley Matthews, #173. Double. Rounds out this pack.

So, after that pack filled with nothing but doubles and an insert, that might as well have been a double, I'm still at 274/300 cards. Three packs to go. Hopefully I'll have them opened by the end of the week. All doubles will be available for trade after the packs are open, so stay tuned and thanks for reading this long ass entry. lol

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