Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Death in the Family or: How I am Sad Over Something Inconsequential

Gaming. It's something I do frequently. I have a 360 and a One, sold my PS3 so I could buy Arkham Knight and the upcoming games Rock Band 4 and Fallout 4.

One of the features of the 360 and One are achievements (PS3 and PS4 have trophies). I was on a 447 day streak of getting achievements and yesterday that came to a screeching hault. I am saddened that it has ended.  I simply forgot about it yesterday and didn't remember. So, here I pay tribute to the games that helped me get to a 447 day streak...

Watch Dogs...Not a terrible game, terrible story though.

WWE 2K14...Just like every WWE 2K game.

Saints Row the Third...Far more enjoyable than I though it would be.

Peggle...Still fun after all these years.

Jeopardy!...Because I like trivia and it was only $1.

Forza 3...Because I wanted to abuse myself and win every championship.

Bully: Scholarship Edition...Because I never finished it back in 2008 when I rented it.

The Walking Dead: Season 2...Awesome game, awesome story. Wait, that was Season 1.

Skyrim...The funnest game I ever played. 300 hours on my character.

Motocross Madness...Because it was free.

Far Cry 3...Much like Saints Row 3, far more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light...Because it was free.

DJ Hero...Because I wanted to try it and it was hella fun.

DJ Hero 2...See above.

Foriza Horizon...I'm at a loss of words.

Tomb Raider...Because it was free and I already played it on PS3. I played that game twice in a year. What the hell?

Batman: Arkham City...More specifically Harley's Revenge DLC. Because I was too lazy to finish it when it came out.

Batman: Arkham Origins...I wanted to play it before Arkham Knight.

PowerGig: Rise of the Six String...Because I wanted to punish myself.

Grand Theft Auto V...Do I need to?

Zoo Tycoon...Because it was the only game I had for my Xbox One when I got it, because Best Buy sucks at shipping their products.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes...Because Amazon's shipping is fast and Best Buy's sucks.

Dead Rising 3...Because I love the franchise and zombies.

Forza 5...Because I wanted to bore myself with more racing than you can shake a stick at.

WWE 2K15...Still just like every WWE 2K game.

BioShock Infinite...More Specifically Buried at Sea: Episode 1...Because I love this game.

Nicktoons MLB...Because I'm an achievement whore and it was $1.

Mirror's Edge...Because I never finished...And still haven't.

Brother's: A Tale of Two Sons...Because it's awesome and sad. I do have a heart.

#IDARB...I don't remember what the hell this was.

Far Cry 4...I never finished it, because it's boring.

South Park: The Stick of Truth...Maybe the funniest game ever made.

The Orange Box...Specifically Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: Episode 1....Because I wanted to replay them.

Left 4 Dead...Because I was bored.

Forza Horizon Presents Fast & Furious...Because it was free.

Forza Horizon 2...Because the Horizon series is actually fun.

Batman: Arkham Knight...Well, it's Batman. I was Batman.

There we have it. The list of games that helped me get to a 447 day achievement streak...I will never forget them. Truth be told though, I haven't really been in the gaming mood since beating and 100% Arkham Knight, I had been using App achievements to bolster that streak.

Ok, since that's out of the way, the original title of this blog was going to be - The Panini Experiment, Day 5: Citizen Panini - because I've been naming the days after movie franchises, if anybody hasn't noticed. Day 1 was a generic title, day 2 was after Terminator 2, day 3 was for Die Hard 3, day 4  was for James Bond 4 and today's was suppose to be for the Toxic Avenger 4. But, whatever, lets rip into this Panini pack...

Jeremy Lamb, #248 rookie card. Double.

Anthony Davis, #241 rookie card. Double. I guess that's good to have. I bet Luke Zeller is next.

Luke Zeller, #298 rookie card. Double and Ha-ha.

Kent Bazemore, #256 rookie card. Double.

Isaiah Thomas, #214 rookie card. Double.

Bernard James, #271 rookie card. Double.

Mike Scott, #228 rookie card. Double.

I need to scan this next one....One momento por favor.

Front and back shot. Manu Ginobili and Gordon Hayward Matching Numbers. Not really feeling these inserts.

Caron Butler. #29. Freshness.

His name is Jonas. #86.

DeJuan Blair, #44.

Al Jefferson, #2. Why is this set alphabetized by first name? That's odd.

Eric Maynor, #60.

John Salmons, #84.

Adrian Dantley, #176. I have to give it up to Panini, they picked some great looking shots for the retired guys.

Pau Gasol, #133.

Larry Legend, #190. And what I said about the retired players getting greats shots. Scratch that. lol

Russell Westbrook, #148. That card is bright.

Luc Mbah a Moute, #106. Ironically enough, the same sound I make when eating peanut butter.

Tony Parker #164 rounds out this pack.

Doubles on the rookies, which I believe may be the case for the rest of the packs, I may have them all, I'm not 100% on that. Freshness all around on the current players and retired guys and a "meh" insert.

Final tally before I wrap up this long ass entry...274/300. Four more packs to go. 26 out of 80 need to be fresh.

Tomorrow will also be a long entry, maybe - if I can get to the post office, two big packages waiting for me (not in the gay way - not that I wouldn't mind). I've been waiting on both of them for awhile.

Thank you for reading come back tomorrow for more blabbing.

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