Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cross Over! or: How I Show and Tell

A few weeks ago I did a trade at the Trading Card Database with Billy Kingsley, he has a lot of basketball cards and luckily I had some he wanted/needed and we were able to work out a trade. I got cards that I wanted for the whole TTM Autograph gimmick I've been doing. Mostly low end cards, nothing that would set the world on fire. But one of the cards I got from him was...

2012-13 Panini Dirk Nowitzki. From the scan it looks like a nice looking card. In person though, it's an amazing looking card and I instantly wanted more of them. lol

So I went looking around, blasters on Amazon were $13, $3 more than what they sold for when they first came out. I thought I was SOL, but I came across an eBay auction from the DA Card World guys and they had a box of 2012-13 Panini Rack Packs for $26. That's 12 rack packs with 40 cards per pack, or 24 packs with 20 cards per pack if you cut them in half. So, that's about 500 cards. I bought that instead of buying the two blasters off Amazon which would have been roughly the same price.

Yes, I know both are retail and not hobby, but beggars aren't choosers.

Went to the post office today to drop off a few trades hopefully I can talk about in later posts, and my box of 2012-13 Panini cards were there. I came home and promptly ripped through half the box. lol

As expected, tons of base cards that I don't have clearly, did get another Dirk, but that's cool no problem with that.

Done with the tell, now it's time for the show....

Firstly, Kyrie Irving rookie card. One of the two big rookies of the set, hopefully Anthony Davis is in the other half. I have my fingers crossed.
Jimmy Butler rookie card. Growing up in Illinois at the height of the Bulls run in the 90's you couldn't help but not be a Bulls fan. He did great this past year, maybe with a new coach who won't play him every second he'll show he is an elite player.

Damian Lillard rookie.

Bismack Biyombo rookie. I know nothing about him, except I know I like saying his name. Bismack Biyombo.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist rookie.

And finally a Kawhi Leonard rookie. But I also got rookies of Klay Thompson, Chandler Parsons, Andre Drummond, Royce White - who played a total of three whole games in the NBA and has the same amount of points that I do, which is zero by the way - I named him because I find his story interesting and somewhat sad really.

Also from the base I got star players as. LeBron, Kobe, Paul, Curry, Rose and yadda yadda. lol I need 86 cards to complete the set and half the box left to open. Hopefully I get 'em all.

Now onto the inserts. I only got seven out of the first half, two Spirit of the Game, which I won't show because they're kinda lame. lol But one I got was...

Joakim Noah, All-Panini. It's a great looking card and another Bull, which I guess they're my default team.

Moving on from the insert to parallels...

LaMarcus Aldridge Silver Knight. He was great with the Blazers, I can't wait to see what impact he has on the Spurs this next season.

George Mikan Silver Knight. I'm not a basketball historian, I know the names though of influential players, but I can't rattle off basketball history like I can baseball, but I know Mikan. Did any of that make sense? lol

From parallels to inserts again...

Derrick Williams, Game Jerseys Relic. I really like this low end relics for some reason. I know they're overproduced and everyone under the sun has one, it's just neat.

and, last to be mentioned here, but certainly not least....

Dirk Nowitzki, Game Jerseys Relic. See above, only up it a notch for an amazing player.

So, half of a 2012-13 Panini Rack Pack Box in the books. A butt ton of rookies and star players, 2 whatever Spirit of the Game inserts, 2 cool Silver Knight parallels, a nice looking Joakim Noah insert and 2 relics, one of which is a former NBA Finals MVP. All out of retail box as well, I just know the other half is going to be all doubles now. lol

For the next few days, I will open up one of my remaining packs and report the findings back here on this blog. Yes I will wear out my welcome, but I should have done the ages ago. You people haven't found out I'm a complete ass yet? lol

Oh and Billy Kingsley *shakes my fists* Thank you for bringing me down this road!


  1. Glad you liked the trade, and that the cards got to you in good shape. I was out of good mailers so I had to use one that was kind of iffy, LOL. I loved the 2012-13 Panini set when it came's still one of my two favorite Panini sets. I am about 25 cards away from completing it...hopefully I will be able to some day.

    Mikan was the first true superstar in the NBA...I wish Panini included more pioneer era guys, but I am still always happy to pull a Mikan from a pack.

    You joke about the doubles, might be right on that. Panini does tend to put the same cards in the same order in packs. Hopefully that won't be the case with your remaining packs.

    1. The trade was great man, everything went smoothly and thanks again. This is very nice looking, so far the few inserts have been meh, but the base set looks incredible and should be more talked about.

      And yeah, I've definitely noticed a trend opening the packs, it's usually rookies, insert, current players and retired players. I think in one pack the rookies were all doubles but the current players were new cards, then in another pack it was switched around. It's not terrible, 1991 Studio takes that cake, but hopefully they fixed that with last years release.

    2. Studio is bad? I've never opened any. I did get THREE copies of the same card in the same pack in a box of 1995 SP NASCAR though...

    3. Oh, '91 Studio was really bad. I bought a box, had 36 pack and 12 cards per pack (I believe), with it being a small set (262 cards), you'd think I'd get the whole set with plenty of doubles for trading. I didn't get the whole set all I got where cards no numbered higher than 5, like 1-5, 11-15, 21-25 etc. That box has put me off from buying older Leaf Cards stuff.

      '92 Studio was kind of the same way, but not nearly as bad. '93 Studio was improved greatly but it still had its flaws in the sorting.