Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nothing Is Better Than a Quickie! (#3)

Summarizing a week ina quick post? You know it!

Ripped through all my 2015 Topps Series 1 box. I just wanted to finish the set. I'm very close, need 1 card from Series 2 and a good amount from Series 1 still. My "hit" from the box...

Giancarlo Stanton, Career High Relic. He's a monster of a home run hitter, but also a monster at striking out.

The next box of cards I plan on getting will be out of normal baseball for me and could, could used lightly, be interesting. Stay tuned.

A lot of trades came in this week, I can't break them all down in this quick in, but all of them were much appreciated and I thought every card I got was great.

And finally, TTM Autographs! Two came back this week and from former Cardinal players. The first one I got back....

Former Cardinal, most known for his time with the Giants, Will Clark on 2001 Topps. I actually didn't have a card of him in a Cardinal uniform, so I had to trade for one, thanks to cabz05 over at the Trading Card Database for hooking me up. This may be the coolest return yet, and yes I'm counting the Shaq auto in that.

And the last TTM Autographs I got were a quadruple!...

Andy Benes autographs, 4x on 1992 Score Impact Players of the '90's, 1996 Ultra, 1997 Circa and 1997 Topps Season's Best. They all look great.

Yes, I broke one of my rules on all five of these cards, I don't have doubles of them. Rules were meant to be broken kids...

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