Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 2: Judgement Day or Junk Day?

Alright, before I get into  today's Panini pack, some trades came in...

From 49ants and Trading Card Database...

I gave up:

2012 Topps Golden Moments Tim Lincecum

and a 2014 Topps Heritage Flashbacks Juan Marichal

In return I got...

1992 Topps Gold Winner Ozzie Smith

1993 Fleer Final Edition Ozzie Smith. A card I've been wanting for a very long time, because I never had Final Edition cards, why wasn't one of the most popular players in the main series?

...and a 1997 Leaf Ozzie Smith. He retired in 1996, but he's awesome enough to have a card in 1997. This is around the time I stopped collecting in a big way. A good trade I think, I ticked off three more Ozzie cards.

Another trade from jaysee88 also at the TCDB...

I gave up:

1990 Topps Traded Mike Marshall...

...1993 Ultra Fernando Vina (a former Cardinal, by the by)...

...nd finally a 2015 Topps Heritage Mark Teixeira.

I got back...

1986 Topps Glossy All-Stars Ozzie Smith...

...and a 2009 Topps Heritage St. Louis Cardinals Team Card.

Two great trades and four Ozzie's ticked off that I can squirrel away now.

Now, onto the 2012-13 Panini Basketball pack. I am opening it in real time and then writing what I get. Easy enough huh? I forgot to mention this last time, but I have 221/300 cards after I open the pack and report my gettings (lol I made up a word), I'll update that. Onto the cards...

Terrance Jones, #259 rookie card is first...Not a double.

Kyle O'Quinn, #217 rookie card.

Jeff Taylor, #274 rookie card.

Darius Miller, #231 rookie card.

Orlando Johnson, #288 rookie card

Kenneth Faried, #246 rookie card.

Iman Shumpert, #204 rookie card.

Need to scan this next card...

Robin Lopez, Silver Knight parallel

Ben Gordon, #17.

Jason Kidd, #74

Chauncey Billups, #31

Josh Smith, #88

Boogie Cousins, #46. Double

Anderson Varejao, #4. Double

Steve Kerr, #196

Spencer Hawes, #154

Marcus Camby, #112

Tyrus Thomas, #169

Nate Thurmond, #192. Double.

Serge Ibaka, #150. Double.

That rounds out the pack...A few doubles, fresh rookies and a Silver Knight parallel. Not too bad of a pack...I'm still on Anthony Davis rookie card watch though...

As for the set, I'm 236/300 now, with seven more packs to go. Hopefully some good stuff in there, 20 cards per those 7 packs, that's 140 cards, I only need 64. Yikes, odds are not good...

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