Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 3: Panini with a Vengence

So, I didn't open any 2012-13 Panini Basketball packs for the past two days, I wasn't really feeling well this weekend, a slight case of food poisoning, which is always awesome. Also some stuff went down at the Trading Card Database with a certain member, I felt like I was being lied to, although I most certainly was...Maybe I'll talk more about that later, I'll keep quiet about it for now though just in case.

But on the flipside of that, yesterday some trades came through from the good members of the Trading Card Database, who do respond to messages, who don't bombard you with messages when you call them out on their sh*t. Oh, they also don't have multiple user names. Oops. I'm not going to break them down like I usually do, but a big thank you to engine614, jmiller4, marcbrubaker and wjsenke. Unlike someone, they actually sent me the stuff we agreed upon. So, thank you again to those guys, they're awesome traders.

Lets rip this Panini pack open before I lose my gasket...

First card out...

Anthony Davis, #241 rookie card. And suddenly I'm feeling much better. This is the big rookie card of the set, the other is Kyrie Erving, which I pulled on the day I opened half the box.

Luke Zeller, #298 rookie.

Kent Bazemore, #256 rookie.

Isaiah Thomas (not that one), #214 rookie.

Bernard James, #271 rookie.

Mike Scott, #228 rookie

Josh Harrellson, #285 rookie

E'Twaun Moore, #243 rookie.

Anthony Morrow, #13. Double.

Greivis Vasquez, #70. Double.

Carlos Boozer, #27. Da 'ble.

Devin Harris, #51. Double.

Andrei Kirilenko, #9. Double.

Gordon Hawardjablowme, #67. Double and oh, it's Hayward.

Wilson Chandler, #174. Double.

O.J. (not that one) Mayo, #131. Double.

Joe Dumars, #188. Double.

Roy Hibbert, #146. Double.

LeBron James #104. Double.

And last, but certainly not least....

Tim Duncan, #162. Double.

There we have it, another 2012-13 Panini pack in the books. Fresh rookies and a butt load of current player doubles. Every double is up for trade also, but after I rip open all the packs and get the cards in order and all that crap.

Final tally for the pack, 244/300 cards for the set, with 6 more packs to open. 56 to get out of those 120. Crossing fingers. Join me tomorrow (hopefully) for another opening.

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