Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Panini Experiment, Day 4: Paniniball

Back with another opening of 2012-13 Panini Basketball, Im opening all the cards in real time, yesterday we got a bunch of new rookies and doubles of current stars leaving me at 244/300 for the complete set. So, lets rip into another one shall we...

First card out...

Josh Harrellson, #285 rookie card. Double. Didn't I get this yesterday? lol

E'Twaun Moore, #243 rookie card. Double.

Alec Burks #201 rookie card. Freshness.

Tristan Thompson, #210 rookie card.

 Nolan Smith, #268 rookie card.

Kemba Walker, #226 rookie card.

Gustavo Ayon, #283 rookie card.

Tyshawn Taylor, #240 rookie card.

David Lee, #41.

The former Mr. Kardashian, #98.

Elton Brand, #56.

Anthony Randolph, #14.

Hedo Turkoglu, #71.

Carmelo Anthony, #28.

Mike Dunleavy, #122.

Chris Webber, #179.

Paul Millsap, #136.

Oscar Robertson, #193.

Ron Artest, #118.

Zach Randolph, #175 rounds out the pack.

A solid pack there, two double and 18 cards worth of freshness.

Final tally after this pack, 262/300 for the set and five more packs to go. I need 38 out of thos 100 cards not to be doubles. It's looking more possible I might get the set.


  1. You are doing quite well...and gee, it sure was nice when they included Elton! (If you have not seen my blog, Cardboard History, Elton is my all-time favorite player...and Panini did not include him in sets his last two years in the League!) I will be curious to see if you can complete the set. At some point I will probably get another hobby Box, Dave and Adams puts them on sale for around $22 periodically.

  2. Yeah, I read that It was pretty good stuff and a very nice read, without a doubt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can complete it, it's looking good. Originally I was going to buy a hobby box, but it was too much I thought, then I thought a couple blasters might hold me over, then I saw D&A had this rack pack box, which would have been around the same price as two blasters. Yeah, it is retail and all, but I think it's paid off nicely so far, getting the set will be the icing on a great purchase.