Saturday, August 1, 2015

Awesome Mail Day Is Awesome

Lot of stuff came in today, so lets dive right in...

Starting off with a Penn & Teller signed 8x10, this came today. It was free by requesting it from their website. It looks real, could be autopen. Don't really care though because they're great and I'm keeping it. lol

Next off is a trade from the Trading Card Database from CoachBarry, I sent:

2013 Topps 1972 Mini of Matt Kemp and 2015 Gypsy Queen Glove Story of Nori Aoki.

And in return I got:

Daniel Norris 2015 Gypsy Queen Rookie Card, which means I'm only two base cards away from completing that set. I hear the other two screaming at me from my eBay Watch List.

Ozzie Smith, 2014 Donruss and Pat Neshek 2014 Topps Update. Both of these were extras he threw in to the trade, which is really nice. I haven't thrown any extras into my trades and it makes me feel like an ass that I didn't.

The Ozzie card will be squirreled away with my other Ozzie Smith cards and the Neshek I have plans for. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.

And then finally the big trade from this week comes from wjsenke over at the TCDB. Probably the biggest trade I've pulled off from the site Too big to break down individually. But here we go...

I parted ways with a bunch of Gypsy Queen Minis, basically all of them except for what Cardinal ones I have and I believe I still have a Lou Gehrig one I'm not really sure if I want to trade. lol I believe he got 24 Minis and a Yusimero Petit 2015 Topps Rainbow Foil card.

And in return I got, here come the pictures:


Bert Kreischer 2014 Ginter Relic, Chanel Iman 2013 Mini Framed Relic and 2015 Stadium Club Luminous Trumvrate. Those were the big three heavy hitters, I like low end Relics, not something with 00/25 where I feel like I shouldn't touch it and I have plans for the Kreischer Relic. Maniacal Laugh (see above).

Also included in the trade was a 1993 Upper Deck Omar Olivares card, I'm getting so close to completing that monster of a set. A 2009 Yadier Molina Upper Deck, 2011 Heritage Pujols, A few 2012 Topps to help sure up that set, another I'm close to finishing. A good sized stack of 2014 Heritage. Maybe half way done with that set.

I'll put a break here because of run on sentences. lol 

Also six 2015 Topps Heart of the Order cards. Ted Williams, Mike Piazza, Mike Trout, Hanley Ramirez and Matt Adams.

And then finally two 2015 Ginter cards:

Cardinal Kolten Wong and....

Keys to the City, Gateway Arch St. Louis.

He also added a couple bonus cards too. Scott Terry 1988 Donruss, Ozzie Smith MVP 1988 Donruss, which looks to be in better shape than the one I have so a big thank you to wjsenke for that! 1992 Pinnacle Brian Barber and then this....

1986 Topps Brian Harper. In a Cardinal uniform. I had no idea he had a Cardinal card, shows how much I know huh? But needless to say...I have plans for this card...Say it with me people! Maniacal laugh...Maniacal laugh....

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