Saturday, August 29, 2015

eBay Treasures, Vol. I or: How I am Cheap

Before the eBay stuff, a trade came in the other day that I neglected, it came from tjhorak at the Trading Card Database. I sent...

1993 Ultra, Sandy Alomar, Jr.

1994 Donruss, Manny Ramirez.

2015 Topps Archives, Danny Salazar.

and in return I got...

 1992 U.S. Playing Card All-Stars, Ozzie Smith. Yes, it's a playing card, but it's also Ozzie Smith. One I didn't have. Don't judge me.

and 2003 Upper Deck Vintage, Albert Pujols. The card is in the style of the classic 1965 Topps design, which is one of the most recognizable and awesome designs ever. I wish I had more of these cards, they're hard to find for some reason, well at a price I'm willing to pay for them. lol 2014 Topps Heritage also used this design, which I am slowly collecting, but Pujols isn't in a Cardinals uniform in it, he's in some third place team's uniform...

Now onto the eBay stuff. Up first...

2010 Topps Factory Set: New York Yankees Edition. That's an Amazon stock photo. Got it on eBay for $5, another $5 for shipping. $10 in total, much cheaper than buying a box of series 1 and 2. Cheaper than what Amazon was selling it for too. It was also factory sealed, had the bonus Yankee cards in it, but all the cards were out of order, which is odd. Also, I didn't get it because it was cheap, I got it because I like the design of the 2010 Topps a lot, so I thought this would be the best way to go.

Up Next...

Random basketball card lot. No photos of it, so I picked one of the few I've scanned so far. Dominique in a Spurs jersey is strange. 400 cards in the lot is what was listed, I didn't count them, but there is a lot of them, nothing within the last ten years, nothing older than 1990. A lot of Finest cards and Upper Deck, I was expecting a good bunch of them from the "junk era" but there is actually very few....Another card out of the random lot was...

1992-93 SkyBox, David Robinson Team Ticket. Apparently this is an error card because it's bumbered 299, when it's supposed to be 305. That's cool...Oh, the lot was only $1 as well with $3 shipping. $4 for 400 cards, not too bad....Except I also got this in the box...

I want this out of my house as quickly as possible.

And last eBay treasure...

2011 Topps Heritage, Clayton Kershaw is one card of a small lot of cards I got. Slowly adding in 2011 Heritage, not going crazy on it yet.

2011 Topps Heritage, Babe Ruth Special sub-set #139.

2011 Topps Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks, Bob Gibson. Getting this is obvious.

2015 Gypsy Queen Mini, Ryan Howard.

2012 Topps Chrome, Eric Hosmer.

2011 Bowman Draft Pick & Prospects, Kolten Wong.

2014 Bowman, Kolten Wong rookie card. How can his rookie card be in 2014, when he already had a Bowman card in 2011? Baseball cards are so confusing!

2011 Topps Update - Diamond Anniversary, Lance Berkman. It's shiny and looks awesome, but it's not my favorite of the small lot...The next one is...

2015 Gypsy Queen Relic, Buster Posey. My love of these low-end relics are well documented here and my chance to pick up one of the best player relic card, I couldn't pass up. Plus I'm a sucker for Gypsy Queen. Total cost of this 9 card lot, that included a relic and an awesome parallel. $3.50, that includes shipping. One hell of a deal.

So there you have it, over 1,000 cards for $17.50. Not too bad.

No Panini opening today, I yapped on long enough. Still four packs to go on those.

As always, thanks for reading.

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