Monday, October 5, 2015

2013 Gypsy Queen - Day 1

Blasters of 2013 Gypsy Queen came today, two packs a day, one from each blasters. All Packs are opened in real time. Lets dig in...

#68 Johnny Cueto.

Second card in and already need a scan...

 #17 Brandon Belt, Framed Blue #112/449.

Collisions at the Plate insert, Gary Carter. I believe that is Ozzie being tagged out.

Another scan needed. Please hold...

#74 Josh Rutledge Mini.

#254 Bronson Arroyo.

#283 Daniel Murphy.

One pack in and only three base cards. I see a few more blasters in my future. lol One more pack...

#322 Jason Motte. A Cardinal, nice. He plays for the Cubs now, boo!

#153 Raul Ibanez.

Collisions at the Plate insert, Brian McCann. Yay?

#270 Jim Abbott Mini

#231 Edinson Volquez. I already have this. Boo! Double.

#264 Jaime Garcia. That is another Cardinals and it also rounds out the pack.

So, two packs into 16 and 7 base cards, 2 inserts (from the same set), 2 minis and a Framed Blue. This set is going to kill me...

Tune in tomorrow for another opening of two more packs and the rest of the week. Unless Rock Band 4 does come tomorrow and just consumes my life.

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