Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2013 Gypsy Queen - Day 2

Alright, alright, alright. Yesterday Rock Band 4 came out and like I knew it would, it basically sucked me in all night long. After installing the game and then downloading a 1 gig update, an update for a brand new game? what the hell?, I basically played it all evening and shunned my Gypsy Queen cards. But, here I am to open two more packs of 2013 Gypsy Queen, here we go and as always, packs are opened in real time.

#86 Mariano Rivera is first out.

#57 Jayson Werth

Justin Verlander, No-Hitters insert

#291 Howie Kendrick

#156 Cody Ross Mini

#155 Ty Cobb rounds out the first pack.

I would say a decent pack because of the Cobb. Second pack!

#17 Brandon Belt, base card of the Framed Blue from the other day, but I already have this. Boo!

#29 Cole Hamels

Jered Weaver No Hitters insert. Mmmkay.

Need a scan...It's a mini...

#307 Shelby Miller rookie card Mini. He was part of the trade that brought Jason Heyward to the Cardinals, he's a Brave now. So boo! lol

#234 Corey Hart

#266 Fernando Rodney rounds out the pack.

A very meh pack. You know, lets do a third pack since I didn't do any yesterday and that one sucked. lol

#147 David Ortiz

#293 Delmon Young. Already have it. Boo!

#252 Jason Vargas

#236 Kendrys Morales

I gotta scan and check a variations guide...So, I'll be right quick...

#149a Tom Seaver Mini

#2 Joe Nathan.

#190 Eddie Murray rounds out the third and final pack.

Another meh pack.

Thanks for clicking on and reading this psychobabble, I will be back tomorrow with three more packs, just so we can catch up. Stay tuned...

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