Saturday, October 17, 2015

2013 Gypsy Queen - Day 5 and Listia Show & Tell

Well, I'm back posting, hopefully I'm over my allergy flare-up. I still don't have a TV though, although sadly I did see the Cardinals eliminated from the playoffs, that sucks but it frees up my October evenings now, which isn't entirely bad. Before the packs, I did get some mail today, it was a small 2013 Gypsy Queen lot I bought off eBay, some base, some Framed white, a few Mini's and inserts for a couple dollars shipped. Alright, lets get into these new Gypsy Queen packs...

#168 Willie Stargell

Kevin Millwood, No Hitter's insert

Roger Bernadina Glove Stories insert

#67 Freddie Freeman Mini

#146 Erick Aybar

#188 Jose Altuve

Now pack two...

#186 Omar Infante

#229 Josh Johnson

Yu Darvish Dealing Aces insert

#54 Jacoby Ellsbury Mini

#72 Josh Hamilton

#121 Rickey Henderson
All the above was written a few days ago, as soon as I got done opening the packs, my computer crashed again and I just wasn't in the mood to keep it all going, the creative juices all flowed out of me, that sounds pretty gross, sorry you read that.

I have four packs of Gypsy Queen left,  I've been dragging it out like nobody's business, but everything seems to be back on track, my computer isn't dying left and right. Still no TV, which a week without one hasn't been too bad.

But since I have everything together, this will be longer than usual, because I got some crap off :Listia and well, I'm here to show it off....

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Ernie Banks. I like this set of reprints from Topps, I know collector's are suppose to HATE reprints with a passion, why? Because it's on newer paper than old paper?
Who knows, who cares but for only 1,093 points, not too bad of a get. Boo the Cubs though! Boo!

2015 Topps Chrome, Matt Adams. Hey, a Cardinal card. He didn't play in the post-season for the Cardinals, I doubt he would have done much good, but c'est la vie. 301 Points, that's pretty low.

2014 Heritage, Matt Cain. Now this came in a 6 card lot, with three other 2014 Heritage cards, 3 1988 Donruss and 1 1994 Flair. The Cain was the only Heritage card I didn't have and 1 of the '88 Donruss. So, my hunt for 2014 Heritage continues, 90 cards left in the base to get. 503 points, could have been worse.

2006 Topps WWE Heritage Chrome, Michelle McCool. Um yeah, I'm from the school who thinks guys that collect female wrestling cards are a little creepy. But it's in the 1965 Topps design! Justification enough? And look under her right arm, Topps forgot to "Chrome" that part. I've never seen something like that. 1,510 points.

2001 Topps Traded & Rookies, Ozzie Smith. Now this is odd, it's a reprint of Ozzie's 1982 Topps Traded card and it's considered a card in the 2001 Topps Traded set as well. I don't understand why it just wasn't an insert, but you'll have to ask Topps that. 503 points. That's pretty low, if you're asking me.

1988 Topps Coins, Ozzie Smith. I had a few of these growing up, I didn't like them then and I'm not really a fan of them now, I only got this because of Ozzie. So yeah. 955 points, not sure about that one...

2015 Topps Heart of the Order, Tony Gwynn. That last card I needed to complete this insert set, so I can officially say it's dunzo! Archetypes is nearing it as well, Gallery of Greats though, Nowhere close. 3,333 points for Get It Now, it probably would have went higher if I didn't GIN it.

1985 Fleer Limited Edition and 1987 Topps Glossy Send-Ins. Another Ozzie 9-card lot, of the 9, these are the 2 I didn't have. I thought I had the Fleer one, I did not. 1,122 points a solid pick-up.

So, that's my Listia haul from the entire week, some stuff still hasn't come, but oh well.

Thanks for reading, Gypsy Queen packs will return on Monday, two then and two more on Tuesday to finish it off. Then I'll have nothing to write about. Maybe I should turn this into an entertainment blog and write about the Kardashians?

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