Monday, October 12, 2015

2013 Gypsy Queen - Day 4 and a Funny, Yet Depressing Story

After a long night yesterday, I nixed doing a a couple Gypsy Queen packs, but they're back today. Only two packs though, so lets get started...

#85 Manny Machado rookie card. Nice start.

#108 Nick Maronde rookie card.

#183 Al Lopez short print

#197 Garrett Jones Mini

#228 Hiroki Kuroda. Double.

#219 Jake Peavy. Double.

That's pack one

#255 Mark Buehrle

 #247 Jose Reyes 

Stephen Strasburg Dealing Aces insert.

#227 Francisco Liriano Mini

#138 Scott Diamond

#298 Michael Young. Double.

It is currently 10:57am on Sunday October 11th, 2015. I wrote everything above this paragraph last night with ever intention of posting it, minus what I'm writing about now and maybe some thoughts about the Cardinals/Cubs NLDS game. My thoughts on the game? AHHHHH!!!! lol

So, why didn't I post this last night? Well my computer died on me, that's why. lol It sucked because everything just froze, like I was Medusa and my screen went to stone. That sucked and my night isn't finished.

After my brand new paperweight stopped playing music and prevented me from writing this fine entry, I thought I would turn on my TV and allow my computer to rest some while I let my computer cool off.

I turn my TV on. Nothing. I hit the button again. Nadda. I ask it nicely to turn on and hit the button. It ignores me. Now I go and check all the connections, because I did move my entertainment center around, a cord could have got loose. One did and breathed the biggest sigh of relief. Hit the button again. Nothing but another expensive paperweight.

Not to mention my allergies are killing me, this morning I look like Mike Tyson gave me a massive right hook. I haven't had the greatest 12 hours, luckily during half of those 12 hours, I was sleeping nothing could go wrong.

Before I went to bed, I did try my computer one last time and it came on, Praise Jeebus. When I woke up, I tried the TV. It shunned me.

So what does all this mean, besides being out a TV? Yeah, I have the money to go out and get a TV right now with my Elephant Man looking face - I'm not an animal! But with the Holidays coming up, I'm going to rough it! In other words, I'm going to see what the Black Friday sales are.

I don't think it will be that great of a loss, minus bye-bye Rock Band 4 and Fallout 4. I don't watch all that much television, what I do watch is available online in a myriad of ways. I don't think I'll be hurting.

So, that was my 12 hours in a nutshell....Exciting, huh? lol

God, I like like f*cking Shy Guy from Super Mario.

I wrote all of  the above yesterday, it's now Monday, October 12th at 3:23pm, Columbus Day! - with every intention of publishing it, but another allergy attack hit and I spent most of the day sleeping it off. Today I feel a lot better, no signs of allergies yet, knock on wood.

My TV is still broke and my computer is still acting wonky. lol I think I'm just going to post this now

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