Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Calm Before the Storm...

It has been a pretty slow week here at my house and not a ton of stuff came in. A trade from wjsenke did come in, I'll talk about that shortly, a few items from Listia as well, but nothing Earth shattering.

This week will be interesting in terms of what happens and it all revolves around the USPS. Monday, I could get two blaster boxes of 2013 Gypsy Queen I ordered off eBay. I'm still secretly working on that set. Don't tell anyone.

Then on Tuesday, the thing that will drag me kicking and screaming away from my baseball card obsession...

Yes, Rock Band 4 comes out Tuesday and for awhile I will be fully entrenched in it, I have over 1,000 songs I need to re-download on my Xbox One, which I can only imagine will be fun! (sarcasm). I picked release day delivery from Amazon, so more than likely it will be here Tuesday evening, which is fine. Hopefully this will hold me off on my gaming need until Fallout 4 comes in early November, then with Fallout 4, I will be fully out of the loop on baseball cards.

Also on the baseball card front, I have decided to skip 2014 Topps Update. Choosing to save that money for Topps releases next year, specifically the main release and Gypsy Queen. I've already decided to skip Heritage next year.

Ok, all of that out of the way now, lets move onto the trade with wjsenke, I parted with some Gypsy Queen and some 1994 Flair and in return he helped me out with 2014 Heritage, a set that has sneakily come close to finishing, the base set anyways and some Cardinal cards that I thought were much needed in my collection including a few Yadier Molina cards. Thank you to wjsenke for another great trade!

Here's a card from that serial number card lot I bought off eBay...No reason to show it, except to show it. lol

2011 Gypsy Queen, Framed Bronze George Sisler. Another from the serial numbered lot. The main reason I bought it was well.

2006 Topps Chrome 1952 Edition. These two were also in the lot. A Chrome and a Refractor counterpart. Pretty snazzy looking if you ask me.

That's it for this one, pretty lean, I'm aware. And see, I can do a blog entry without an Ozzie card!

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