Thursday, October 22, 2015

2013 Gypsy Queen - Final Day

The final day of the Gypsy Queen blasters, so waste not, want not....No idea what that means...On with the show...

#173, Yonder Alonso.

Jim Abbott No-Hitters insert.

Bryce Harper, Glove Stories insert

#176, Tony Perez Mini

#83, Lou Gehrig.

#55, Nathan Eovaldi.

Now the final pack...

#47, Feddie Freeman

#32, Darin Ruf rookie card.

#15, Tyler Skaggs rookie card.

#182, Alejandro de Aza Mini

#100, Bryce Harper.

#20, Albert Pujols.

Hell of a one-two punch to end the Gypsy Queen's off.

 Two blasters done and dusted for. Nothing earth shattering, I would have liked more base cards, but what can you do? Final tally is 120/350 for the set, so maybe another two blasters are in my future at some point. I would like to finish this base set, because I do rather like it.

Join me this weekend as I go through my Listia haul for the week, some interesting stuff has come in already.

Next week, who knows what I will blab about. Maybe how the water pressure sucks in my shower? That's interesting, right?

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